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Wall of Fame Spring & Summer 1, 2020

Summer 2, 2020

We are very proud of the ambitious and creative work that the Lions & Giraffe bubbles have been creating in school. They have been showing their artistic skills in sketching, drawing and tracing. We are all blown away with your stunning art work! Well done Year 6's! 

Annelil in year 2 Cypress, has been busy learning how to make delicious pancakes! She has been creative in the kitchen measuring ingredients. They look very tasty.

Demi, in year 2 Cypress, has been working hard on her literacy work this week. She has been showing ambition in her writing, focusing on adverbs. Well done Demi!

Jessica, in year 4 Chestnut, has been demonstrating her Art and Design skills. Using her maths knowledge to measure, PE skills to roll the dough out, learning new vocabulary and writing about her new pizza making skills in literacy. That pizza looks delicious. I hope you enjoyed eating it. 

Masal has been showing lots of Capel Manor values with her home learning. She has shown tolerance, respect and responsibility with her PSHE work. Masal has created a fantastic poster about diversity and anti-racism. Great work Masal (Year 2, Maple).

Daisy, in year 2 Magnolia, has been using her creative skills to create a new album cover for singer Josephine Baker. She has been showing lots of ambition with her paper chain making. Well done!

Have a read of the lovely story that Olivia in year 3 Hazel wrote - Mario's Story.

Lexi G, Year 1 Elm, practised riding Racing Rosie for the Virtual Summer Olympics entry for creative section, obstacle course. Well done, Lexi!

Children in Reception Acorn have prepared intensely for the Virtual Summer Olympics. Wow! They showed so much resilience and happiness!

Masal, in year 3 Maple, has shown the value of ambition ​as she plays the Beethoven's classical piece of music 'Ode to Joy' on her piano at home. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your great musical talents! 

Well done to Kayleigh, in year 1 Elm, she has been working hard across all subjects and is demonstrating a love for learning. Kayleigh has shared some of her creative work and examples of her mathematical skills. Keep up the good work.  

Yaren and Yasmin, in year 3 Hazel have shown interest in current affairs and used their research findings to write up their own newsletter article.Great work!

Evie, in year 5 Larch, has been working hard on her home learning. She has been enjoying her reading and has written a lovely book review, 5*, what a recommendation! I will have to read it now. Well done Evie.

Masal showed the value of ambition and creativity last week in art when she created her fantastic surrealism drawing. She used her imagination to think of different objects to make sure her drawing look as surreal as possible. Very creative, Masal!

Lucas Gills from Year 6 Alder wrote this poem based on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright.

"Your poem is phenomenal - if you could bottle up all those things in a magic box ,you would make a fortune. Your language created beautiful images and a wonderful atmosphere . ​" Miss Moodley.

The Brilliant Bears have been self sufficient, making their own food, using resources that we have grown in Capel's very own vegetable patch. Their delicious wraps included lettuce, raspberries and blackcurrants. Sounds delicious!

Demi, in year 2 Cypress, has been working hard at home. She has been using lots of creativity in her music. It looks like a lot of fun!

Gabriela has been showing lots of ambition and responsibility for her home learning. She is enjoying reading. Well done Gabriela (Year 4, Chestnut).

Ben, in year 4 Cherry, has been showing the value of happiness. He has been reading to his cat during adventurous reading. Well done Ben! 

Isabel, in Reception Acorns, took on one of the daily EYFS challenges and created some nature soup!  She was very excited to be able to do it for real with a real pot. She decided it would be a soup for the birds. We added bird seeds, grass, flowers, leaves, rose petals, cherries from our tree, sticks and the banana and squeezed in lemon juice for flavour. She was very pleased with the result and have left the pan by the tree for the birds to enjoy.

Maisy, in year 4 Chestnut, has been showing responsibility for her home learning. Mrs Monford is very proud of how she has shown resilience and ambition for her work. Maisy has been working hard on her writing she has been using her wonderful imagination to describe scenes, using lots of adjectives. Well done Maisy.  

Lucas, in year 6 Alder, has been writing a suspense story. If I closed my eyes, I could see the picture you painted so clearly. Maybe you should be a screenwriter... You can tell a great writer when even the change of font adds to the atmosphere. Well done, Lucas. 

Kayleigh has been showing our school values during home learning. She is showing responsibility and ambition for her work. She has been working on her phonics and using this to help with her spellings. Kayleigh has shown a love for Maths, with all of her wonderful work, sharing and dividing equally. Well done! (Kayleigh, year 1 Elm)

Gabriela, has been working hard on her fluency in five. She has been demonstrating her ability to use her mental arithmetic's to answer the questions. She has also been working very hard on her grammar and punctuation. She has shown the value of ambition. Keep up the good work. (Gabriela, year 4 Chestnut)

Aaliyah, in year 3 Hazel, has been showing the value of ambition in her home learning. She has shown a chronological understanding and matched facts with the year it related to. She has also been able to tell the time in 5 minute intervals using a digital clock. Good work Aaliyah. 

Demi worked really hard on her handwriting and maths. Mum is very proud. Great effort!     (Demi, Year 2 Cypress)

Masal enjoyed reading Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World and wrote a lovely book review as part of her literacy work. Great work! (Year 3 Maple)

Well done, Nadia, for using the values of ambition and responsibility whilst writing your character description and completing the maths last week. You have done an excellent job! Mrs Leo. (Nadia, Year 5 Rowan)

Tamera, in year 2 Magnolia, has been working hard to make a fabulous headpiece. She has also been showing the value of Creativity with a very colourful mobile. Fantastic work Tamera! 

Ellie has been making the most of her time outside, she has been exploring nature and being creative with what she can find outdoors. She has designed and made a fabulous woodland crown, I love the colour in the leaves you have chosen. Well done Ellie, year 2 Magnolia. 

Gabriella, in year 1 Elm, has been using her time to learn how to ride her bicycle. She has shown lots of Ambition and Resilience in her learning. She has also been getting lots of exercise to stay healthy. I like your bike Gabriella. 

Bryan, in year 1 Sycamore, has been showing the school values Resilience and Creativity. He has been busy creating some amazing bubble art and a lovely hygiene poster about washing your hands! Well done Bryan!

Masal is enjoying reading her book in the garden, today​. What a lovely way to enjoy the sunshine- keep up the super reading! Miss O'Neill is very proud of you. 

Samuel, in year 5 Rowan, was really busy over the half-term. Mrs Leo proudly exclaimed "Well done to Samuel for completing a fantastic Spring project and even making his bee fly! You used the values of Ambition and Creativity."

Masal, in year 3 Maple, had lots of fun completing Monday's computing lesson where she used coding to create an online dance party and was awarded with this lovely certificate. Fantastic work!

Ellie, in year 2 Magnolia, had a busy half-term. "Ellie collected all the leaves, plants and sticks from the park and our garden! We hope you like it!

Masal, in year 1 Sycamore, is enjoying her ballet lesson via zoom during lockdown. Great moves! Keep it up, Masal!

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