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Reading Challenge

At Capel Manor, we understand that reading is the fundamental skill children need to confidently access all areas of their learning and to enable our children to be successful as they continue to flourish through their learning journey. It is very important that our children keep up their reading skills during the holidays; here are some reading activities to keep them busy... 

Once you’ve read a book, add it to your website profile and write a review to let everyone know what you thought.

Add 3 books (or more) to complete your Reading Challenge and become a Reading Hero!

How to join:

1. Click link to access the Reading Challenge on the library's website: and click the blue 'JOIN' button to get started (or LOGIN if you already have an account).

2. Parents, enter your email address (every child account must be linked to an adult's email account).

3. Pick a User name and a password,- make it unique by using a mixture of letters and numbers (we recommend you do not use your child's real name).

4. Enter child's name and click 'Submit' to move onto the next page.

* An email asking for parental consent will be sent to the email address you inserted.  Click link 'Review child account request'. Enter your own parent username and password. Once you have signed in, you will land on titled page 'Your child's account'. Complete the fields and tick the relevant boxes to confirm that you give consent for your child's account. Once this process has been set up your child will be able to sign in freely and securely. 

If you experience any problems, click 'Need Help?' button found on the 'about page:

 Happy reading! 

Author David Walliams congratulates Capel Manor for winning the Summer Virtual Olympics 2020 - Reading all the way to Tokyo

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