Maths Week - Spring 2018

Number Day

Times Tables Rockstars

Ocean Maths

The Adventure of the Missing Number - Quantum Theatre

OCEAN MATHS - New Parent Workshop & Homework Initiative - Autumn 2017

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MATHS is magic and we love it!

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We are Maths Mad at Capel Manor!

Every Year Group went on a Maths Trip.

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Numicon Workshop


Autumn 2016 was another privilege for Mrs Chapman to have some fun & learn with parents, using Numicon and other Maths resources.

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Making Numbers Real -- Introduction to Numicon

Teaching Maths at Capel Manor


Mrs Chapman led a very successful Parents' Workshop on the New Maths National Curriculum. If you couldn't make it, click HERE to find out what you missed!


At Capel Manor, we use Enfield's Calculation Policy. Click on the links below to see how we teach calculations:

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Times Tables

By the end of year 4 all children are now expected to know their times tables up to 12x12 inside out! In school our teachers teach the children the big ideas behind the multiplication tables; we would like the children to practise their tables at home. Using a traffic light approach to becoming masters of our times tables helps us understand where the children are in learning their tables.

Red = reciting the table in the order they come in

Orange = being able to answer times tables in a different order

e.g. 3x 7 = , 4 x 8 =

Green = we give them a answer can they respond with multiplication and division facts

e.g. 35 – they say 7 x5, 5 x 7 , 35 ÷ 7, 35 ÷5.

We, of course, start with the easy tables first - the Easy Times Tables are the 10x, 2x and 5x times tables.

The 10x tables are a natural part of counting, the two times tables are familiar because of doubling, even numbers and they simply chant so well 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate. . . The 5x tables are helped by knowing the 10x tables and the fact that we have 5 fingers.

There's some debate as to which are easiest from here but the 4x, 9x are usually next. The 4x tables are double the 2x tables and the 9x tables have a few shortcuts to help you learn them. After this you could the 3x tables followed by the 6x tables. Then the 8x tables and the 7x tables - which are generally regarded as difficult.


Language and Times Tables

There are many different ways to say the tables and they're all correct - but it helps if you're consistent and if you adopt the language your child already uses at school. For example we have:

· three times eight is . . .

· three multiplied by

· three eights are . .

· three lots of eight are . .


Look out for the booklet your child is coming home with today for Top Tips for learning times tables.


Here are some links for extra advice and games to play:

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