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Holocaust Survivors Workshop - Autumn 2019

 National Army Museum - Autumn 2019

Holocaust Workshop - Autumn 2019

Capel Manor Restaurant - Summer 2019

Egyptian Day in Year 5 - Spring 2019

Tudor Day - Autumn 2018

Trip to Hatfield House - Autumn 2018

Ocean Maths Workshop - Spring 2018

Science Rocks! - Autumn 2017

Virtual Reality Workshop - Autumn 2017

Groovy Greeks Day - Autumn 2016

"I liked stealing olives from the plates (but I didn’t like the feta much!)" - Nico

Trip to the Maze - Autumn 2016 

To end our Theseus and the Minotaur unit, Year 3 visited Capel Manor Gardens where we went through our very own Labyrinth. Luckily, Princess Ariadne had left her golden thread out so we could find our way around. In the middle was a huge tower for us to climb. It was so much fun!

Science Week - Autumn 2016

"Nico's dad came in to lead some science experiments. He made a glass beaker disappear using a liquid, we watched as the doo-doo experiment came to life and he used a static ball to make Miss Price's hair stand on end!" - Naz 

Seaside RNLI Trip to Southend-on-Sea - Summer 2016

"We had great fun and we learnt lots of new things about keeping safe at the seaside" - Inaaya

Creating a book cover - April 2016

"I was really ambitious to make the best book cover ever and now I'm very proud of my work." - Jacob

India Experience Day - April 2016

"I had the best day ever! I dressed up with Indian clothes, I drew on the floor with chalk, I tasted different foods. Wow. What a day!" - Tami

Indian Dance Workshop - March 2016

"I can't wait to show my mum these dance moves." - Arawen

Mother's Day Cards - March 2016

"This is the best gift for my mum. She will be very happy." - Amaya

Making Naan Bread - February 2016

"My naan bread looked so delicious even when it wasn't baked!" - Inaaya

Parents in Class during Maths Week - February 2016

"I had so much fun playing Maths games with my mum. We will do this every weekend, at home." - Rhianna

Maths Week - February 2016

"I found lots of things to measure and estimate their size in our class." - Jay

Visiting a local Mosque

"We learnt lots of facts when we visited Palmers Green Mosque. I liked seeing the inside the best." - Kaya

The Story of Rama & Sita

"Acting out the story and saying the words helps me to remember the story" - Krish

Trip to the Fire Station

"We got to squirt the hose. It was awesome. I want to be a fire fighter when I'm older" - Ryan

Super Science Week in Cedar!

Learning all about Judaism

"I liked trying on the kippur" - Ciaren

Maths Trip to the Garden Centre

"We used metre sticks to measure the plants" - Nico

Caring for the chicks

"Responsibility is one of our school values. We are responsible for caring for the chicks" - Kaya

Identifying Local Flowers

"My favourite flower is the tulip" - Ava

Laying the Shabat table

"The challah bread is yummy" - Deren

Measuring Wild Flowers

"I have to be very accurate when I measure with a ruler" - Connor

Shakespeare Week - Following a Tudor Recipe

"I wonder if William Shakespeare liked Ginger Bread?" - Tami

Our first trip to Bullsmoor Library!

 "It was so much fun there. There were so many books!" - Casey

Grandparent's Day!

"We have been learning about families. Some of our grandparents came to visit. When they were little, their photos were black and white and they didn't have iPads!"- Tyler

 Halloween Biscuit Making

 "We had to design and make our own spooky biscuit! It was awesome!" - Amaya

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