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Online Safety & Anti-Bullying Week - Spring 2018

World of Thrones Workshop - Spring 2018

Indian Day in Year 2 - Spring 2018

Number Day - Spring 2018

Ocean Maths Workshop - Spring 2018

The Mistery of the Missing Numbers - Quantum Theatre - 2018

Afternoon Tea and Christmas Concert for Pensioners - 2017

Jolly Jumper Day 2017

Christmas Lunch 2017

Groovy Greeks Day! - year 3 - Autumn 2017

Science Rocks in year 4 too! - Autumn 2017

Science Rocks! - year 3 - Autumn 2017

Pantomime - Beauty and the Beast - Autumn 2017

Christmas Fair - Autumn 2017

Ocean Maths Workshop - Autumn 2017

Dressing Up As A Character - Autumn 2017

Hot Chocolate and Pyjamas Reading - Autumn 2017

Author Cas Lester's Workshop - Book Week - Autumn 2017

Fire! Fire! London Is Burning! - Autumn 2017

Paradise Wildlife Visit - Autumn 2017

Virtual Reality Workshop - Autumn 2017

Mother Nature Workshop - Autumn 2017 

Harvest Festival - Autumn 2017

Guard of Honour - Summer 2017

Sports Day - Summer 2017

Art Exhibition - Summer 2017

Year 2 Trip to Southend-on-Sea - Summer 2017

Spanish Day - Summer 2017

Year 5 Capel Manor Restaurant - Summer 2017

Year 6 PGL Residential visit to Marchants Hill - Summer 2017

Summer Fete 2017

Capel Camp - Summer 2017

"We had a great time, especially when some of us had to give up playing football for a pillow fight that girls initiated. Even some of the adults joined in! We have definitely showed all of our school values during camping." - Tylan

Tri-Golf Borough Champions - Summer 2017

No Smoking at the School Gates Competition

Children at Capel Manor have taken part in a poster design competition to persuade adults to stop smoking in front of the school gates. Congratulations to the three winners!

Shakespeare Week - Spring 2017

Year 5's Tudor Day - Autumn 2016

Year 5 had lots of fun and showed all of our school values while they enjoyed going back in time to Tudors' days...

A Spotty Day For All of Us - Autumn 2016

Today everyone in Capel Manor showed teamwork and respect by wearing spots and donating money to support Children in Need. Check it out! 

Guard of Honour - Summer 2016

Saying 'goodbye' is one of the most difficult things and this is why our Year 6 Olive finished their race at Capel Manor Primary with a Guard of Honour where all children and teachers in our school gathered to cheer, applaud and wish Olive class the very best in the years to come.

Capel Camp - Summer 2016

"Capel Camp was a great experience and we especially liked making orange sponge and smores in the fire. We also played extreme hide and seek. The tents were the best." - Eren

It's a Knockout - Year 5 - Summer 2016

Special Guest Matti Hemmings - BMX Guiness World Record Holder - Summer 2016

Matti Hemmings is a professional BMX flatland rider and a Guiness World Record Holder. Better known as Matti Axel, the BMX rider appeared on numerous TV shows as well as organising events such as 'UK Flatland BMX Championship'.

Summer Fair - June 2016

MADD Week - Samba Drumming - Summer 2016

MADD Week - Dance Carnival Brazil - Summer 2016

KS2 Egg Mobile Competition - March 2016

A KS2 Egg Mobile in Action!

EYFS & KS1 Egg Mobile Competition - March 2016

A KS1 Egg Mobile in Action!

Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall - March 2016

Happy 21st Birthday to our PTA! - March 2016

On 19th March 2016 Capel Manor's PTA (Parent Teacher Associations) celebrated their 21st birthday. We are forever grateful to them for all of the support they give us. Check the pictures below to see how much fun we had.

International Evening - 8th March 2016

"This was the best International Evening EVER!" - Frankie

Check out some of the fantastic videos from International evening by clicking HERE

Indian Dance Workshop - March 2016

World Book Day - Autumn 2016

Teachers like to read too!

Year 3 Pupils reading with Reception children 

"Bling your Bike" Day!

James and the "Bike it Crew" led a fantastic assembly today. The message was, "BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN!"

For fun, we had a "Bling your Bike" competition. 

Look at some of our fabulous entries!!

During the assembly, 3 members of the bike it crew had a competition to see who could be the brightest! It was lots of fun!

James gave 3 members of the bike it crew a challenge - 

40 seconds to unfold his fold-away bike. 

Did they succeed?

Number Day - 5th February 2016

"It was so much fun to see my teachers and friends dressed up as numbers!" - Jamie

Happy Puzzle Day - Maths Week - February 2016

"All the tasks were quite difficult but we did it when we worked as a team."  - Rhianna

Shakespeare Week  - Spring 2015

"It was so much fun to dress up as a character from Shakespeare's plays!" - Inaaya

Please stop it! I don't like it!

Anti-Bullying Week  - November 2015


As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we had a poster designing & video making competition to go with our catchphrase, "Please stop it! I don't like it!" We use these words to let people know that we are not happy with whatever is happening to us. If the person doesn't stop, we then talk to one of the five people we named on our hand. Well done to Anisa, Annabel & Samuel who won the competitions. In the gallery below, you will see a few of the wonderful entries from across the school.  

Jolly Jumper Day - Autumn 2015

Senior Citizens Concert 2015

Our annual Christmas concert for the local senior citizens was great fun as always. With performances by the school choir, Reception Cherry & Chestnut too, the senior citizens had a great time and so did we!

Fire! Fire!

To celebrate the end of their Fire Fire topic, Alder & Cedar recreated The Great Fire of London by setting fire to their Tudor houses!

Christmas Lunch 2015

Thank you to all of our kitchen staff for cooking a delicious Christmas lunch and to all of the staff who served the food.

Christmas with the Aliens - Year 2 December 2015

On 11th December, Cedar & Alder class performed a Christmas show for the school, parents & carers. It was really amazing!! Thank you Miss Walker, Miss Healy, Miss Breen & Mrs Green for all of your hard work. 

Parents in class for Science Week December 2015 

The Power of One! Anti-Bullying Workshop 2015

We learnt that it is never okay to be the bully, the target or the bystander! We all have the "Power of One" in us to stop bullying and that we can always get help from a teacher!

Listen to us all taking the "Power of One" oath!

Capel Manor children welcome Princess Anne!

On 25th November 2015, Princess Anne visited Capel Manor College. The children wanted to welcome her so they stood outside, waved flags and cheered for her. They found it very exciting to see the Queen's daughter!

The whole school celebrates Diwali!!

CBeebies film the new series of FootyPups at Capel Manor - Take 2!

CBeebies film the new series of FootyPups at Capel Manor - Take 1!

Trip to the Royal Albert Hall - 2015

Miss Moran & Miss Macrowan took a group of children to the Royal Albert Hall in London to see a concert. It was great fun! We even had our own private box! Have a look at the pictures and see a video of us dancing to the amazing music!

Capel Manor pupils graduate from the Children's University

We are very proud to announce that 9 of our year 5 & 6 pupils have graduated from the Children's University. What an achievement!

Our Values Mural

"The school values make me proud to be part of Capel Manor" - Patrick

Acacia's "Guard of Honour"

It has become a tradition to create a "Guard of Honour" for our school leavers. Today it was the turn of Acacia. A few tears were shed but mainly happy smiles and good memories. We wish you all the best, Amazing Acacia!

Art Exhibition - 2015

Each class took on the style of an artist. They then created some beautiful paintings on canvas which were sold to parents for £1.00 each in our very own Art Exhibition. Thank you Mrs Green and Miss Walker for helping to organise this very successful event!

"I liked recreating a Jackson Pollock painting" - Callum

Fire Fighting Fun! - 2015

Judaism Workshops - 2015

"Did you know that when you roll out the Torah, it would be

longer than the perimeter of a football pitch?" - Jayden

Disability Awareness Day - 2015

Dinosaur Day - 2015

"I want to meet a Carnotaurus" - Johnathan

Red Nose Day 2015

Senior Citizens' Christmas Concert 2014

London's Burning!

Year 2 Beech and Oak had great fun when they recreated the Great Fire of London!

Jolly Jumper Day -Autumn 2014!

Year 2 Nativity 2014 - The Angel Express

"I feel so good right now" - Bilal

Number Day! - Autumn 2014

We had great fun dressing up as numbers on Number Day!

"I am a dice!" - Angel

Anti Bullying/Friendship Week 2014

The Power of One - Theatre Company Workshop

"We learnt to stop bullying in our school and for it to never, ever, happen again.

One person can stop it" - Caden and Osawe


Our Journey to the Etihad

"It was the best day of my life" - Luke

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